About Chelle’s Well

Hello everyone! I’m Michelle (hence the “Chelle” in “Chelle’s Well”).

I am currently a university student studying chemical engineering at an unnamed institution. I was bored one day and decided that other people had to hear about all the stupid and not so stupid (rare) things that I do in life. I secretly hope you find my experiences funny and/or helpful to you.

The idea behind the name Chelle’s Well is that each experience that I have is a drop that will eventually fill up a well of knowledge that I can share with people (cheesy, I know). I realize the expression is “wealth of knowledge” and not “well of knowledge” but wealth doesn’t rhyme with Chelle so I took some liberties.

I have been told that I am a very cynical and sarcastic person and from time to time, that will probably come out in some of my stories. Don’t let that stop you from pursuing something that I have done and not liked though because sometimes I suck (though you’ll come to learn that I suck awesomely).





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