Health and Independence – One Month Update

Hi guys! It’s been a little over a month since I started my health journey! Whoop! I was initially going to give weekly updates, but I figured monthly would be better considering nothing much happens in a week. This update will be broken up into three sections: what I’ve been doing, my results, and what I plan on doing going forward.

Disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist or a personal trainer. All of the things I discuss are from personal experience not education or expertise.

What I’ve Been Doing

So I uploaded a post about the tools that I got to use during this journey. If you haven’t read it, click here. Of those tools, the only one I really ended up using were the Groupons. I went about 4 fitness classes every week for a month. One was an abs and tush class which, as you can probably guess, focused on glute and ab workouts. Another was a cardio barre fusion class which was pretty intense. It was full of circuit exercises where we did about 20 reps, 2 sets for 4 exercises with 10 second breaks between exercises and 30 second breaks after every 4 exercises. I also tried drum fitness which was pretty intense. Though the class that I went to didn’t drum on the beat so I got pretty annoyed. Finally, my favourite was spin class. I did an hour of spin class every week for a month (I’m actually still doing that now).

As for food, I’m sad to say that I didn’t make much progress in the way of food this month. Though I tried the 8fit app’s meal plan feature, it just wasn’t working for me so I kind of dropped that.


Guys…I got the 11’s. The sexy subtle abs!! Granted, I only had them on and off for about 2 weeks. Here’s the thing no-one tells you about abs. They’re easy to get (the subtle ones anyways) but difficult af to keep. I got the abs about 2 weeks into the month and I was really felling myself. Then I noticed that they would be there after my workout but the second I ate dinner and woke up the next day, they’d be gone. I should probably mention that I do bloat a lot which is probably a huge contributor to my case of disappearing abs. I’d only see my abs when I hadn’t eaten much at all. But ya girl like to eat so those abs were popping in and out like nobody’s business. I wasn’t to mad though because my stomach was still relatively flat.

One of the things that I mentioned in my goals video was that I wanted to reduce my IBS symptoms which included bloating and stomach gurgling. I’m pleased to say that since I started exercising often, those have decreased significantly. It was definitely due, in large part, to the sedentary lifestyle that I led prior to this journey. I do still bloat on occasion and those sounds still happen when I eat weird things but I think changing my diet is the only way that the symptoms will go away completely. I’m working on that though.

As for the rest of my body, I’m most impressed with my thighs and how toned they’ve gotten. I see my quads flex every time I take a step and I feel like walking for the rest of my life. My arms still have a bit of fat on them but I’m definitely stronger. I graduated from 3 lb dumbbells to 5 lb in my workouts so I know there’s change. My butt is popping’ though so I’m pleased – not quite bounce a quarter off of it, but I’m getting there.

I haven’t lost any weight. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve gained weight. I don’t care though because when I look in the mirror, I look much leaner than before – which was the goal.

Going Forward

I definitely want these results to continue moving forward. My one month Groupon for fitness classes (all but spin) has expired so I signed up for the gym at work. I’m a bit worried that this may slow my progress though because there is a learning curve to figure out how to plan my own workouts and make them challenging enough. If anyone has any advice on this, let me know. I’m definitely going to keep spinning once a week. It’s a great workout and It helps a lot with cardio and strength.

The biggest challenge for this next month though is food and nutrition. I haven’t had a terrible diet but it could have been better. Lately, I’ve been meal prepping lunch and dinner for the week and just eating a granola bar and greek yoghurt for breakfast. I think I’ll try to stick with meal prepping and just prep healthier meals for the week. I’ll be making a one month meal prep schedule with grocery list soon so stay tuned for that!

These are my plans! Hopefully it works out and I build a habit and become a healthier person.



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