So You Have a Crush on Your Coworker

Hi all! I’m back from my month long hiatus with some tea to spill. I should warn you that if you are looking for advice, this is not the place to be because I have no freaking clue how to deal with this. Anyways, enjoy my recounts of my misery!

So, I’ve been working at my unnamed institution for about three months now. I would say that my coworkers and I are pretty friendly at this point, we’ve hung out outside of work, we converse, share jokes, and are Facebook friends (which, let’s be real, is all that matters anyways). That’s grand and all because who wants to hate their coworkers? I’m spending 16 months with these people. I’d be concerned if we didn’t get along.

This “infatuation” didn’t start immediately. He was the first intern that I met and I distinctly remember noting that he is a good looking guy. Tallish, great arms, great hair, the whole shebang. That’s pretty normal for me though. As a classic INTJ, I analyze everyone the second I meet them – even (or especially) their looks. Later in the day, I met the rest of the interns and realized that they are all decent looking people. All was normal.

For weeks, I didn’t think anything special about this guy except that he is a nice guy. I didn’t even think he was the best looking intern. Then the day came. I can’t remember where we were or what we were doing. It just hit me – that weird feeling you get when you’re crushing on someone. At first, I wasn’t really concerned. After all, it’s relatively normal to have a work crush. It makes your workdays more fun. But then I started finding things about him cute and interesting that I don’t usually acknowledge about people – like his laugh (which is probably my favourite thing about him), his sense of humour, his interests, etc. You can see why I was getting nervous.

I decided to just calm down though because I’ve learned over the years that I’m a very fickle person. I’ve had crushes on many-a-boy in my lifetime and they always disappear after I get to know the person. So I waited. A week passed, then two, then three. And now, three months into my work term, I’m crushing even harder. Smh. We talk almost all day every day (M-F) and I don’t get tired of it. And because of the type of person I am, that nice fluttery feeling that people get when they like someone makes me very uncomfortable. Like, extremely. I don’t like liking people (I will address this topic in a different post) so this is not really ideal for me.

This “crush” doesn’t get in the way of my work of course (I’d never let that happen), but it’s still really annoying and I have no idea what to do about the situation. I’f you have been/are in a similar situation, please let me know what to do here. I’ve looked up many things on the internet about this from allwomenstalk to LovePanky. My plan is to ignore it until the end of the internship – should be easy enough…right?



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