Health and Independence – Tools

Bonjour mes amis! Remember when I said I was going to try to be healthy from now on? Yeah, after a couple of days, I realized that I am neither a nutritionist nor a personal trainer so I have no f-ing clue how to do that. Never fear though, I came up with a solution. I grilled my best friend – the internet – for ideas about going on a healthy lifestyle journey and found some things. This post is basically going to be a summary of the tools that I’ll be using to aid my journey.

1. Groupon. You’re probably wondering how in the world I can use Groupon for this. It’s simple really. I just buy a bunch of passes to fitness classes and gyms in my area for cheap. I genuinely prefer fitness classes because if you throw me in a gym, I wouldn’t know the first thing to do. I would also be completely unmotivated. With fitness classes however, there’s usually music, there’s an instructor paying attention to you, there are other students in the class at various fitness levels and you don’t feel as bad for being as strong as a toothpick. I purchased a $22 pass for a fitness studio that allows me unlimited classes for a month. I also purchased a $20 pass for 10 spin classes.

2. 8fit. This one’s a bit tentative because I haven’t been using it long enough to say whether or not it’s a good tool yet. I might do an in depth review of the app after a while of using it (comment if you’d be interested in that). I purchased the year long pro package for about $90. I’m rounding up though. It was eighty-something. It comes with at home fitness programs and a customizable meal plan based on your goals. I don’t really follow the meal plan to the tee but I use it as a guideline. It helps me know what I should and shouldn’t be eating to achieve my goal.

Those are really the only things I’ve been using thus far. I’ve gone to two fitness classes and worked out at home twice so far. I use weights at the classes but at home I just hold whatever heavy thing I can find. I’m thinking of investing in small dumbbells. We’ll see.

Hopefully this is helpful for you guys who will be following me through this journey. For those of you who are more accustomed to fitness, let me know if there’s anything that will help me keep to my journey.



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