Health and Independence – Introduction

I’ve been living alone for about a month now and I’ve realized that I suck at it. Horribly. I don’t do any of the things that you’re supposed to do when you live alone. I don’t do my laundry. I don’t go grocery shopping, I don’t clean my room, I don’t even eat real food (because I don’t go grocery shopping). In my defence though, it was all mostly because I don’t have a car. I’ll probably have one by the time this goes up but now as I write it, I don’t have one. I bought one but you can check out my Small Town Life post to see why I haven’t started driving it yet.

Anyways, I live in a house with six other students. It sounds horrible but I don’t really see most of them. I never have to wait for the bathroom or the kitchen so that’s good. My roommates seem pretty nice but I have only had conversations with three of them so…we’ll see about the others.

I do enjoy the fact that when you live alone, you don’t have to do anything for anyone but yourself but my problem is that I haven’t even been doing things for myself. I’ve probably gained ten pounds since school ended which would have been nice had it been ten pounds in muscle, but it isn’t. No one tells you how hard it is to motivate yourself to grocery shop, clean, and do the laundry. The funny thing is that I used to do all of those things when I lived at school. But for some reason, I’m slacking now. Why is that?

I’ve decided to change my habits for the better which means I’m going to start a healthy diet and exercise plan to get in shape and just feel better overall. I’ve been feeling sluggish and bloated for far too long. I’m going to share this journey on this blog for anyone who wants to join me. I’ll share my meal plans, grocery lists, exercise regimens, and my progress and setbacks mostly to keep myself accountable. I’ll probably start off with a website or an app because I don’t think I can plan healthy meals for cheap (because I have no money) by myself yet. Hopefully I can get back in shape and feel better overall. Wish me luck!



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