Working Nine to Five

Bonjour, Bugamigos! 10 points to Gryffindor if you get the reference. For those of you who don’t know, It’s from OKBaby on YouTube. I literally watch all of their daily vlogs because their babies are so cute and it makes me want to borrow someone’s baby (calm down cops, I said borrow, not kidnap). Anyways, I thought I’d mention that because I was just watching one of their vlogs.

Back to the point of this blog post. As many may know (or not. I’m not actually sure if I’ve said this on here), I got an internship and moved away from home. I’ll be working 9 to 5 for 16 months and I’ve been doing it now for three weeks. From what I’ve seen, it’s a pretty sweet gig. Keep in mind though that I’m an intern which means that my work isn’t all that challenging. Yet. I’ve also only been working for three weeks.

The thing I love most about working is that unlike schooling, you get to do whatever you want when you get home. Which is freaking awesome. At school, they give you schoolwork that you can’t finish at school and have to complete at home, then they give you homework on top of that (rude, I know). Of course it would be better if I lived in a place where everything didn’t close in the middle of the day (see my Small Town Life post) but I’m a fan of doing nothing so I don’t mind terribly unless there’s something I have to do. When I get home most days, I watch Netflix until I fall asleep (Currently binge-watching Friends. Again.). Sometimes, I binge write blog posts, but only if I have a lot to talk about. Sometimes I just sleep. I still don’t know that many people here so I don’t usually hang out with people after work. I also don’t mind that because my co-workers (other interns my age) are really cool and we get along great. We actually have a lot of fun at work which is weird. There is this one intern that doesn’t like the rest of us though. I’m not even speculating. He told us. My friend asked him if he wanted to sit with us and he was like “no, I’d rather not. I don’t really like people.” Lol. At least he was honest. He makes me feel like a social butterfly which is saying a lot.

We also have some good looking interns (and actual employees). Of course I have to talk about it. I was pleasantly surprised. Though I’ve been told that my taste in men is very strange so they might only be good looking to me. Oh well. More for me.

The actual work that I’m doing is not very challenging. I think it’s because I’m still new. The company I’m working for is being acquired so I should be getting more to do then but for now, its mostly busy work. My boss is great and the other intern working under the same boss is also great so I think I got pretty lucky. They even allow us lowly interns to work from home. I was so surprised when I heard.

Initially when I got this internship, I pictured my life to be like Olivia Pope’s with her fancy outfits and fancy monologues, and the many powerful people that she meets. I showed up the first day of work dressed to the nines feeling like a bad b***h and strutting through the hallways. Then I turned and saw my manager in jeans. Needless to say, I haven’t made quite the same effort since. No one could get on my level so I had to compromise. I also have like no money so… I do pants and a blazer now. With whatever underneath.

So far, I like the working life. Apart from the fact that you can’t really do anything after work and you have to wait for the weekend, it’s a great time. I wonder if my experience is unique though. If anyone reading this is on internship or working, is it like this for you? Or was it like this in your first few weeks? Let me know.



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